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Binary options brokers are the vital link between traders and the markets. They provide that necessary connection so you can access the vast array of assets being traded online and get in on the action. They also work to analyse the market conditions and provide advice and guidance to their clients with regard to making the best possible trades going forward.

You need to make sure you find a broker who best suits your needs, whatever they may be and it always helps if there’s a good bonus to pick up as well. Traders tend to move from broker to broker over time so it is worthwhile having a list of the most trusted brokers and that’s exactly what you can compare here.

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A good broker will help to maximise your gains and provide guidance to minimise your losses. Experienced traders like the ones at have a pretty good idea what a decent broker provides but even if you’re not highly experienced you still need to make sure you go to the best binary options brokers out there. That's where we come in, we want to make the time you spend trading enjoyable, profitable and great fun!

Binary options trading is reliant upon good brokers and in this guide you’ll find out:

  • What qualities the best brokers have and how you can learn to spot them
  • How we rate and rank different websites to give you a better choice
  • Why a good broker makes a difference to your enjoyment and your profits

Our Top Recommended Brokers Updated: October 2017

Your capital may be at risk
Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the companies listed on this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Top 3 Broker Qualities

Success with binary investing depends mostly on your knowledge of how to trade but it also does depend in some part on having the best trading sites at your disposal and we provide comprehensive and trustworthy reviews of the best brokers out there. We believe the these brokerages should offer:

Good Payouts

The reason you’re involved in binary options trading is because you want to make money and a broker that doesn’t offer good payouts isn’t going to give you that. The best binary trading sites offer a good rate of return on any investments.


Good brokers like their traders to stick around and stay loyal and they also like to attract new traders and this is often done through the use of generous bonuses. No deposit bonuses and regular bonuses on your first deposit at the broker's site give you a boost towards profit and the best companies always offer a good bonus.


Before you even consider parting with any money, you must have faith and trust in the trading site you choose. A broker with high integrity is someone you can rely on to hold your deposits and your profits before it’s time to make a withdrawal. You need to find a site that makes withdrawing any profits straightforward and secure. We find the top binary options brokers are always regulated.

How we Evaluate Brokers

We measure the effectiveness of each and every broker listed on our site. They are rigorously tested to see that they fulfil every guarantee they make to their traders and we also ensure they meet all of the criteria which we believe make the best brokers.

We look at everything from their payout levels to the security and speed of their withdrawals and how qualified their signals are. We check the training and strategies they provide for traders of all experiences and we compare their offering to the other sites out there, to give them an overall rating. The accuracy of our ratings will ensure you have a clear idea whether the broker in question is right for you.

We only compare the top trusted binary options sites to add to our list but there is still a decision to be made between them and our comprehensive review and rating system ensures you can make the best personal choice.

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Your capital may be at risk
Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the companies listed on this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

More Key Attributes

Diverse Assets

No one gets into binary options trading and plans to stick to a single asset for all their trades. With this in mind your broker should have a diverse range of assets for you to trade with. You need to be able to move freely between assets and a quality broker will ensure they have a range of profitable assets to consider.

Strategy And Guidance

Your brokers should want you to win as they benefit from this as well as you. Quality companies will provide you with access to winning strategies to help maximise profits. For higher profits they should add value to your trading experience through supplementing your strategies with theirs too. Some brokers offer management services and will do the actual trading for you, for a small fee of course.

Customer Service

Whatever service you’re using you expect to be treated well by the representatives of that service. It’s no different for brokers and a good one will ensure they have an efficient and reactive customer service system in place. They will make sure you can access guidance and have your queries answered as quickly as possible, ensuring you don’t get frustrated or dissatisfied.

Secure Platform

You are trading in real money and therefore it is imperative your broker provides a safe and secure trading platform. You may be giving the site your bank details for example and you need to be sure your trader has a safe and fully encrypted payment process. Good brokers will ensure your account is safe and protected from any risk of fraud or hacking.

Finding The Best Brokers

All the brokerages you see here have been thoroughly evaluated and checked in full by trading industry experts. We make sure they are fully assessed on a whole range of criteria and we carry out extensive research to ensure they tick all the required boxes. Once all the boxes are ticked we produce the comprehensive comparison tables and reviews you see here on this site. We only list websites fully regulated and trusted by us.

Whether you are new or have traded in the past, finding the best online trading sites is key to achieving future profits. Once you have read our reviews you can make a fully unbiased and personal decision whether to use the brokers in question.

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Brokers FAQ

Is binary options trading regulated and safe?

This very much depends on the country you are in but in many countries online investing is not regulated. There is much debate about who it should be regulated by and steps are being taken to regulate it. The key is to choose a broker that is licensed by a reputable source like CySEC, this licensing is safe and approved and means that your broker will be more reliable. Like any kind of trading you should be aware of the risk of losing money and should only trade if you can afford to do so.

Can I trade without downloading software?

Some brokers require you to download software to trade on your PC or Desktop but for those trading on a mobile device there is no need to download anything. Simply log in and trade. If you wish to trade from an app on your iOS or Android device you will be required to download that app. If you wish to conduct automatic trades then you will need to download binary options robot software.

Do I need to start trading with real money?

No, many now offer demo accounts where you can sign up and trade with virtual money before risking your own money. This virtual account is sometimes only available for a limited amount of time like 48 hours and after that time you are required to start trading with real money. There is also the option with some companies to trade using a non-deposit bonus. Basically when you open an account you are given a bonus before you deposit any funds.

How do I make deposits and withdrawals?

You can use many methods to deposit funds. Most brokers accept major debit and credit cards like Visa and Mastercard as well as other widely accepted cards. Another popular way to deposit funds is via Paypal, many people globally now use this to make online transactions. Bank wire can be a lower and more complicated way of depositing funds but allows traders to deposit on the same day. When withdrawing funds it is usual to withdraw to the same method as the initial deposit was made.

What is a binary broker welcome bonus?

Many binary options sites offer a welcome bonus, an incentive offered to encourage potential new account holders to sign-up. The bonus varies from broker to broker but is usually a percentage of the initial funds deposited. Some offer a no deposit welcome bonus which allows the transfer the opportunity to trade with the bonus funds before they use their own money to trade. Other welcome bonuses include a deposit match bonus where the broker matches 100% of the deposit.

Your capital may be at risk
Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the companies listed on this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

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