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It’s not impossible to master binary options trading and like anything else, the more you put in the more you will get out. It’s logical that the more you study the markets, get familiar with the various assets and learn more skills the easier trading will become. To become really good at trading can take time, patience, testing and also some mistakes. For some people investing this time is not an option and you may never reach your true potential.

Enter the robots! We don’t mean physical robots that will sit at your computer and trade for you but binary options robots that come as part of pre-programmed software. This software uses complex mathematical algorithms to examine market data and then uses this data to trade with highly profitable and low risk results.

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Different brokers allow the use of different robot software and once you have opened a robot account you'll be able to view all the compatible brokerages for that robot provider. You don’t need to worry about who to choose. We have done the hard work for you and recommend brokers based on who offers the best trading experiences.

Want to know more about using binary trading robots? Our expert guide will explain:

  • What binary options trading robots are and how they analyse markets
  • The benefits of using automated software to make decisions for you
  • How you can begin using various robot providers to make better trades

How Binary Robots Work

Quite simply the robot trading software is software that you download to your computer or other device once registered with a broker. A download is not always required, sometimes you can simply start use them online via a website. Trading using this method is known as automated or auto trading and is used by those that want to free up their time and increase their success rate.

Like any computer the capacity to research, consume and analyse data is much greater than the human mind so the robot can process all the data much quicker than any human being without emotion or instinct. By using this process more information is gathered at a much quicker pace allowing for more effective, profitable trades. The capacity to trade becomes much more and the number of successful trades increases.

Why then, wouldn’t anyone want to take advantage of this help? To begin using the auto trading software you just need to choose a service that is compatible with your broker and simply start using it. To help you choose your robot provider we have researched hundreds of them across the world to bring you the best and offer up our advice on who you should trade with saving you both time and effort.

9 Benefits of Automation

  • Save valuable time. Binary trading robots have a far greater capacity for information than the human brain
  • Execute more successful trades. The gathering of so much data makes the trade more informed
  • Trade without any emotion. Remove the “gut instinct” element
  • Allows you to carry on with other things. You don’t have to spend so much time in front of a terminal or on your phone and carry on with your life whilst still trading
  • Less knowledge needed. You don’t have to study the markets, trends, assets etc. or become an expert to be successful
  • It's free or low cost to use once registered with a broker and doesn’t always require a download
  • Make more money. More success = greater profits
  • Test them with both a virtual or demo account
  • Anyone at any level can use them whether a binary options beginner or expert

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How Software Saves Time

The mere thought of downloading, installing or setting up a software programme may leave you feeling like it is more time consuming and complicated than it actually is. In fact you will be surprised at how simple it is and how much time it will save you in the long term. So here’s a few simple steps that will have you trading automatically within no time.

  • Choose your binary robots service from our recommended list. You already save time because we have done the work for you
  • Download the software. This isn’t always necessary as a download isn’t always required and you can access robot trading software online via the web browser
  • Insert your parameters. Trading limits, frequency etc. You'll need to setup the robot and teach it how you like to trade
  • Leave it to the binary trading robots to do their thing and carry on with life. You can simply check in now and again and make sure it's behaving

Now if you thought there was more to it than that and our list of tips would be much longer then you will be pleasantly surprised to know that the above is really all there is to it. You can go about your business whilst the robots trade for you. You can work, go out with friends and even sleep all whilst the robots are busy on your behalf.

Using a binary robot also removes the anxiety you might get from trading. When you place a trade with an expiry time of an hour sometimes watching what is happening can put the trader through a range of emotions. By using a robot you can just check in every so often to see how you are doing rather than being glued to the screen for each trade.

What to Watch Out For

The majority of the time the binary options robot is there to make you money. They are able to act faster than humans and take advantage of situations much quicker than we can. When we aren’t able to act in time and miss a particular opening the robot can get there instantaneously.

There are unfortunately some “scam robots” that’s purpose is to basically con the investor out of their money and they just don't work. There are tell-tale signs that should sound alarm bells as to whether a service is legit or not. These include no contact details for customer support, consistently bad reviews, a short operating time and only a few assets available.

Some unfortunate investors aren’t always able to spot these scams and can lose a lot of money when they should have been making money. Before they notice there is anything wrong they could already have made many trades. There are things to look out for to try and prevent this happening but we highly recommend using our advice and recommendations to ensure that you register with a trusted and reputable binary robot software service that can offer you the best and most profitable trading experience.

Our Final Thoughts

We've done countless binary options robots reviews and found them to be a solid solution if you want to trade without having to dedicate all of your time to research and analysis. If you enjoy the physical element of trading, studying the markets, analysing and placing your trades then you will want to continue doing the work yourself but if you want to free up valuable time then this is the solution. Robots remove the emotion from trading and decisions are based on facts and data – not gut instinct. This is one of the top reasons to use them.

We have tried, tested and reviewed the many types of software and know which companies offer the best binary robots trading experience and which software outshines the others. We believe that robots are a great way to save time and make money and to assist you in your quest to become a better binary options trader our advice and recommendations are designed to make this happen.

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Robots FAQ

Robots FAQ

Is robot software reliable and trustworthy?

Like many aspects of a trading the reliability of its services depends on the reliability of a company overall. If you choose a recommended, reputable software provider then their services will be tried, tested and reliable. There is robot software that isn’t reliable just as there are many aspects of binary options trading that cannot be trusted. All of our recommendations are based on research and reviews from our own experience and findings.

Can they really predict the right trades to make?

This is a good question because even robots can’t predict the future, no-one can. What they can do is analyse data, trends and other aspects to come up with more reliably informed information than you could gather yourself. It would take you hours and hours to come up with all of the data that the software can do in seconds. There really is no way to beat the system but robot software can help to make your trades more profitable.

Will I need to pay money for good software?

No, there are perfectly good binary options robot software that is free to download and use. For the most part you will need to download the software prior to opening an account with a broker. The top rated binary options robot software is free to use. You can also test the robot software with your demo account meaning that you can get a real experience of the best that trading has to offer before you spend any of your own money on trades.

What if my robot trader gets it wrong?

Even with sophisticated robot software it doesn’t guarantee that you will be 100% successful at trading. The robot just improves the chances of making successful trades. There will still be times when the software gets it wrong. No-one can predict what the markets will do and what will happen to have an impact or influence the different assets available to trade.

How do I find the best software to use?

That’s easy. You simply review our recommendations and select a few from our list to check out for yourself. We base all of our findings on our own experience, tests and research. We only predict services that we are happy to put our name to. All of the brokers and services that we recommend are thoroughly reviewed and tested and we examine everything that the provider has to offer to ensure that your trading experience is the best it can be.

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